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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes

the whole world around you because

the greatest secrets are always hidden

in the most unlikely places..."

Becoming a parent is a truly magical experience and a great deal of time and care is spent choosing a name for your baby, their future and the path they will travel.

A naming ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to surround your child with their nearest and dearest, and give voice to some of the hopes and dreams you have in the celebration of life.

Together I will help you create a ceremony that will welcome your child into your wider family, give words to promises that you feel deep in your heart and celebrate the joy that comes with new life.

All my ceremonies include the following:

  • An initial, no obligation, consultation

  • Bespoke ceremony questionnaire, to delve deeper into your thoughts, visions and wishes for the day

  • Guidance and assistance with speeches, readings and adding those extra touches

  • Online and/or face to face meetings to bring everything together and ensure nothing is missed

  • Officiating and delivering your ceremony on the day

  • Your naming ceremony certificate

Naming ceremonies

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